Every day we promise to bring you local milk from local cows produced right here in Reno, Nevada. This promise means that not only do we nourish your body with quality dairy products but that we have the opportunity to nourish our community.

WHEN WE BEGAN IN 1906, we had two milkers, some Holstein cows, and no customers. Our heritage was established in the biggest little city in the world 38 years after the city of Reno became established. We are the first pioneer in Reno, and we will continue to embrace that energy and drive it into our company everyday.

From early pioneers,

to the oldest dairies in Northern Nevada. Model Dairy is rooted in the history and culture of Reno, and this allows us to expand and stretch our roots farther than we ever thought we could back in 1906. While our heritage gives Model Dairy our how, our mission Nourishing Lives One at a Time gives us our why. 

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#DYK in 1914 we did home deliveries?

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When we began our journey, our farm had a panoramic view of the Sierra Nevada mountain range, with Rattlesnake Mountain as our neighbor. Learn more about how our heritage got started (coming soon).


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Model Dairy

Local Milk. Local Cows.

Since 1906 we’ve been striving to nourish our community with quality dairy products provided by local farmers, local cows, local people. Click below to learn about our promise (coming soon).